Am I a Christian?

Am I a Christian or am I just pretending to be one?

Simply put, a Christian is one who follows the teachings and examples of Jesus. For God’s sake don’t make it more complicated than it is. As Christians we must understand that there are two covenants or contracts. One is the old contract with Abraham. This contract changed and evolved through Moses and the prophets. When Jesus came, and God dwelt among us through Jesus, a new covenant or contract was created.

Under the new contract with Christ, Jesus made it clear that our focus needed to be on loving God and others, first and foremost. We don’t need to speak in “tongues”, we don’t need to condemn people because they are different than us. We need to love God and love one another. If we do this, then everything else falls into place. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like things fall into place, but trust me, I’ve been around a while and I’m telling you it’s all going to work out.

Don’t be deceived by people who do hateful things, racists, bigots or hypocrites that should be pointing those fingers at themselves.  They just just can’t help to create discord, division and confusion within the church, for their own gain. These people are either deceived or they don’t know Christ all. I used to say years ago, “just because you have Jesus tattooed to your backside doesn’t mean I have to kiss it.

Remember to pray, question, and be led by the spirit of God.


What is “Born Again”?

You have heard the expression, “born again”?

Actually, the term born again is referring to a life-changing experience that transforms our lives spiritually.
Imagine your life goes a long day by day with very little change and very little hope for change. Then a set of circumstances presents themselves. You were drawn or compelled to have some kind of exchange with something beyond yourself. Let’s say it’s the realization that being conscious of love is very important. You choose to understand love more fully. You may read some books, you may try to be kinder to animals and family members, or decide to involve yourself in a charity that feeds the homeless. You notice that the small activities change you. You feel good while you’re working on yourself and doing small acts of kindness to help those in need or those around you.
For me, my transformation started when I spent time with street people. Some of them talked about faith in Jesus Christ. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant but they told me about a relationship that they had with God and asked me if I wanted to experience it. These people were gentle and loving and in my innermost being I knew that I wanted what they had. I followed a simple prayer, and asked Jesus to come into my life and guide me according to his teachings. I really had no idea what any of this meant, it just felt so right that I was compelled to move. I felt new, changed in ways I couldn’t describe except for this joy that I felt and the desire to be with the people and to learn what they had to offer.
If you were to ask me today what it meant to have a relationship with God, I could only answer in the most simplistic ways. The older I get the more I know not to put God into a box. There are those outside of my faith and I know they have had a transformational experience and I would refer to them as being born again. There is a goodness and love that I have encountered with the divine that allows me to relate to their experience with the divine. God has chosen me to work within the Christian community just as God may have chosen them to work within their faith community.
Being born again means to be born of the Spirit.