Created in God’s Image

Created in God’s Image

When I was young, I thought about the idea of being created in God’s image. I don’t think it’s uncommon for a lot of us when we are children to think of God in human form. God is a man because we are told that in different versions of Scripture. So we think of God as an old man with a beard and white flowing robes. We are created in God’s image. As a male child I never really thought about how women might view God as a man and a contradiction of being created in God’s male image. But as I grew older and began to understand Jesus teachings, I realized that God is not a being a flesh and blood, God is not male or female, but a powerful and loving personality.

When we look at ourselves within the context of who we are in society, our gifts very in science, art, athletics, business, hospitality, faith and even in the abuse that we may suffer as human beings. The question arises; do we make enough money to make what we do credible?

We make a big mistake when we try and involve God in this conversation. God makes God’s perspective clear. God doesn’t care about our financial success. God cares about how we love ourselves and how we extend love to others.

Perhaps you were told you had no value because you enjoy the arts and sciences, or were athletic were in business you like keeping books. Not a goal to become wealthy, but were manipulated by shamed, or made to feel worthless because you didn’t attain the expectation of your family, culture, education, or community. There are many who have lost sight of the joy of spirituality because we have been shamed into believing that which we are not. Being told that rigidly is where we will finally find God’s acceptance. The reality is that God loves each and every one of us. Are you a loving Person? Are you working within yourself to help the human condition?  Do you love the poor, minorities, Gays and transgender people, the homeless? Do we even go as far as loving our enemies?  it’s time to reject the conditioning and try to get back to that place where we can focus on the God that loves us and the gifts that God has given us.  We have a blueprint for love and it is found in first Corinthians 13. Check it out.

Admittedly in a culture where the emphasis on money is so strong, it’s often easier said than done. Renew your mind and heart with hope, love for others and the joy of participating in your creative gifts. God created us in God’s image. What does God do? God creates good things and we are created to create good things.

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