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Hi. I’m Jim Bachmann, the director of the Christian Ethics Foundation. 

As a Christian, I was deeply saddened by the kind of control and manipulation placed on some Church members, using methods of guilt and shame.  After attending many different denominations, I discovered the strengths and weakness of well meaning churches that sometimes end up plaguing believers.  Church leaders are unable to practice what they preach and parishioners end up chasing their tales.

I used to be quite the rule giver.  Always towing the mark and expecting everyone else to do the same.  Finally my chickens came home to roost. I was confronted by my own hypocrisy.  I was human and couldn’t hide it from myself.  It wasn’t me saving myself any longer.  I had to come to grips with the foundation of my faith.  LOVE GOD AND LOVE OTHERS.  God never stopped loving me.  Now it was my time to learn to love others.  A whole new journey began.  God’s grace became apparent.  Being different is not a sin, it’s just different. As Christians, we need to stop hurting family and community. We need to know what we believe.  We need to love as we are loved by God.

Many of us are told our faith is faulty. Wanting healing, we are told to conform or God will be angry or turn from us.  When we ask questions of religious leaders, to understand our experience or understand scripture, we walk away confused and feeling shame.  They live this way themselves, thinking it is right to “fall in line”, constantly examining attitudes and behaviors. The reality is a history of religious ignorance.  It’s really kindness and forgiveness, not religious abuse. 

I ask the question, “How can we be open and honest?  How do we love one another as Christ loves us?”  This is real Christianity.  We are all in this together. We are all human beings, with strengths and weakness.  We are all God’s children, working toward a more loving and joyful spiritual community. We need to learn and trust in discerning just who Jesus is.

This is the journey and desire of the Christian Ethics Foundation.