Divine Intervention

believe-300x188 Divine Intervention

Let’s consider original sin for a moment.  The apple was eaten, God enters the garden and  asks the couple why they are wearing fig leaves to cover themselves. Now it isn’t like God didn’t know what was on the minds of our two Eden dwellers but the dialog was to point out that something dramatic had changes from the beauty of innocence to a broken knowledge.  There was now a barrier between Him and them.  The barrier was the knowledge of shame.

Throughout the ages, the Bible reveals the hopes and corruption of the human race.  We are given instruction by prophets who tell the people that goodness is the goal, not wealth, not power, even wisdom can be twisted, but a relationship with the true and living God is the direction of fulfillment.

Now a man-god comes onto the scene.  Ordinary in appearance and contrary to the traditions of the culture he is to guide.  This part of God becomes man and moves among us.  After teaching us to love, he is murdered, just like the prophets sent before him.  As this man departs this earth, among other things, he takes shame upon himself and just like the shame revealed in the story of Eden. Jesus is separated from the divine as part of his mission, to restore innocence and a relationship. Now any person can come before God directly, without priests, or church or tradition.

Easter is the time we consider the actions and consequences of a God who restores divine relationship.

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