Law and Grace

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Law and Grace

Why are some members of the Christian Church so confused?

We hear so many theories on the subject of balancing the law and grace. Unfortunately there is no balance. Their contradictory and fly in the face of each other, leading to confusion and destruction.

Imagine that you have purchased a home. You have a contract that discusses mortgage payments and interest. You are bound to this contract and if you don’t adhere to the contract you get penalized. You live under this contract for many years. You adhere to it the best you can. If you make a mistake and don’t make your mortgage payment on time, you have to pay the penalty.

One day you find out that a loving family member has died but had taken out an insurance policy on your home mortgage. The insurance company has paid off your mortgage in fall and you receive a clear deed to the property.

The law and grace are virtually the same kind of contract. Under the law you have responsibilities to adhere to the contract or covenant, and if you don’t adhere to the contract, the consequences are sacrifices to atone for your wrongdoing. But when the covenant is fulfilled, you no longer live under the obligations of that contract.  The debt is paid in full.  You cannot juggle the law and grace any more that you can juggle love and fear. You cleave to one master or live in double mindedness and confusion. We may use the term Judeo-Christian, but in reality they are a contradiction in faith and spiritual direction.

Too many Christians point to the past for direction, like the Jews pointing back to Egypt because they are afraid to trust that there is something too good to be true, ahead of them.

This is something we have to walk through but the apostle Paul indicates that it’s time to put away childish things.

As Christians we are saved by grace.

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